13 Golden Rules For Share Market

Hello everyone welcomes to trade brain forum here I am sharing with you 13 Golden Rules for Stock Market.
Remember these things when purchasing and selling shares.

  1. Learn First – First Learn
  2. Long haul Investment is the best
  3. Purchase what you know and comprehend
  4. Set a Fixed Price.
  5. Try not to purchase an excessive number of offers without a moment’s delay
  6. Pick Good Company
  7. Make a Risk Profile for Portfolio
  8. Research and Planning
  9. Put resources into Different Sectors
  10. Put extra cash into speculation
  11. P/E Ratio (Price/Earnings Ratio) – What is P/E Ratio
  12. Try not to allow your Emotion to command
  13. Try not to let time pass by hand.
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It’s very good list out for beginners of share trading. We are more aware of your tips. You can share more tips of how to trade in share market.

The most important golden rule for building wealth "Invest early, Invest consistently and Invest for the long term"