Android Apps for Indian Market

These apps are great for keeping yourself updated regarding the Indian Stock Market, but they don’t let you trade-in. You need a stockbroker who provides a mobile application to trade. Kotak Securities is among the leading stockbrokers in India that provides an app to trade in the Indian Stock Market. They provide detailed charts as well as complete information regarding the financial status of different companies. The app is very useful as it does the work of the apps you mentioned. It provides the latest news and up-to-date information regarding the Indian Stock Market. You should consider the Kotak Securities Android app for the Indian Market.

Tickertape which is available on the Playstore is also a good app to conduct your own analysis and select a stock that is in line with your fundamental expectations. They also offer the choice to create your own watchlist as you can add you stocks and track them quite easily.

Why aren’t you considering other apps that allow you to trade? Kotak is frankly of average tailoring.

Yes, it’s nice. I have used it quite successfully for a while.