Begineer of Stocks markets

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I am Interest to stock markets now. and then how to choose the best Platforms
please support to me

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As you are a beginner in the stock market the first and foremost step will be learning. If you will learn the concepts in detail, you will definitely get success in the long run.

What you should learn ?

  1. Basic Finance
  2. Loans
  3. Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  4. Mutual Funds
  5. Stock Market

There are enormous of free and paid resources that can help you in getting these concepts clearly. You can enroll for paid courses on various online education portals like Elearnmarkets, Udemy,etc,

If you are beginner in the stock market and don’t know how to trade in the stock market then, follow the below steps to get a clear path of the investment process:
• Learn about stock market.
• Open your demat and trading account with reputed broker like Kotak Securities and link your saving bank account with it.
• Do your own research before investing.
• Select the stock you want to trade.
• Place your trade by chossing place my order button from your trading platform.
• Take a copy of your transaction order for future references.
• Monitor your stock regularly.
You should also follow the below tips:
• Don’t take decision based on rumours.
• Monitor your investments regularly.
• Try to reduce your risk by diversifying your portfolio into multiple stocks.
• Be Patience in the stock market.
• Find a mentor if needed for guidance.
• Be updated with the market news.

Time has passed since your request, but I will tell you that as from the very beginning I chose one specific platform, so I continue to “be friends” with it. I tried to poke my nose at others, but so far the result is not as impressive as in the first case.

Purchasing stock to invest in entails acquiring ownership interests in public companies. The little shares are referred to as the company’s stock, and by purchasing that stock, you are betting on the company’s long-term success and growth. As a result, other investors could be eager to purchase your shares from you for a higher price than you originally paid. That implies that if you choose to sell them, you could make money. A novice trader should invest in stock market with Share India and keep the following tips in mind for effective trading. Choose your stock market investment strategy. Select a brokerage account, Become familiar with the distinctions between investing in shares and funds, invest in the stock market, establish a budget, Put your attention on long-term investing, and manage the stocks in your portfolio.

In my view, you need to choose a broker which provides FREE Demat and Trading account as you will be able to save money on this. At the same time, do make sure that your broker is a full service broker so that you can timely research reports and recommendations.