Best book to start learning share market

which is the best book for a beginner in share investment and trading? …please mention only one or two books.

Hi. It’s difficult to decide just one or two best investing books which can give you the complete knowledge of the stock market. This is because there are multiple successful investment strategies and the author of the book might teach you the one he prefers. This may not be always the one that suits you too.

Anyways, two of my personal favorite books are One up on wall street by Peter Lynch and The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham.

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I hope it helps. Cheers!!

Hi, Karan
Books are good to study but make a habit to read a blog than books. You can find easily anything on google. Today’s blogs are very impactful and easy giving the knowledgeable source.
Like if you like to read a poem so you can find top poetry bloggers who give their such stocks to you.
And if you want to create your piggy bank and blank to find the way so google will help you and gives you a lot of financial advisors research collections, advice and ways.


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