Best sector for long term investment

which sector has best growth potential? I want to invest for long term 15-20 years.

Hi, I’ve written a detailed blog post on this topic here-- 5 Ultimate Sectors for Long-term Investment in India.

I hope it helps.

For long-term investment large-cap sectors are best to invest.

Best Performing Mutual Funds 2018-2019.

Wealth Bhai identifies the top-performing funds across 10 categories. Equity funds and equity-oriented hybrid funds are ranked on 3-year returns while debt-oriented hybrid and income funds are ranked on 1-year returns.

Best Large-Cap Equity Funds 2018-2019.
Select Category according to your Goal : –

Also, you should know about the Large Cap Mid Cap, Small Cap and Multi Cap Funds.

Large Cap Funds: Large-cap funds are those funds which invest a larger proportion of their corpus in companies with large market capitalization.
Mid-cap funds: Mid-caps are those that they lie between large-caps and small-caps in terms of company size. Mid-cap equity funds are advised for investors with a higher risk tolerance than large-cap investors. So, invest in these schemes if you seek higher capital appreciation, albeit with reasonably higher risk.
Small cap funds: Small-cap stocks typically have the highest growth potential, since the underlying companies are young, and seek to expand aggressively. They are more vulnerable to a business or economic downturn, making them more volatile than large and mid-caps.
MMulti-Cap funds: These funds invest in stocks across market capitalization. That is, their portfolio comprises of large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks. They are relatively less risky compared to a pure mid cap or a small cap fund and are suitable for not-so-aggressive investors.

Top Large Cap Equity Mutual Funds:

  1. Axis Bluechip Fund.
  2. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund
  3. Sundram Select Focus Fund.
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Mutual funds are good way to start investing for the long term.
If you want to invest for 15-20 years , then ,I would recommend that you do take some risk with your investments and allocate some money to secure asset classes (like debt) and some allocation to high growth potential asset classes (like equity). You can check Mutual Fund Screener where you can see various relevant information like AUM,expense ratio, historical returns etc which an individual may need for investment decision making.

RupeeVest has also created some tailor made portfolios of mutual funds to help you achieve various investment goals, which can be further customized to suit your specific requirements. You can check here for more details.

As far as I know these are the best sectors in which you can invest in India and I would name them as follows : The first one would be the IT sector in which most of the people have and are planning to invest. The second is Pharma followed by Infrastructure sector which is worth investing and the fourth would be the Logistics sector.
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The Mutual Fund is best option for long term investment your money.

The Commodity and Pharma industries is good idea for long term investment plan.