Best stock advisory service in India

Who provides the best stock advisory service in India? What are general charges?

Personally, I’ve not used any stock advisors since I started investing. However, over the past multiple years, I’ve come across multiple advisory services over the internet. A few of the popular ones are,,, etc. Feel free to check them out.

Further, there’s an excellent thread on Quora regarding the same query with over hundreds of answers. You can also read those answers here:

There are many who provide stock advisory service in India like Axis Direct, Sharekhan and more but I have personally taken advice from Ajmera x-change. They are based in Mumbai, India and are the best online stock trading company offering a wide range of products and services in stocks and securities trading, investment advisory and wealth management. They also provide online trading facility and have integrated customer support. You can contact them for further details.

If you want investment regarding help contact BONAZ CAPITAL SEBI registered investment advisory firm.