Big Announcement: Trade Brains Portal 2.0 launched!

Hi Trade Brains Fam,

This is Kritesh from Trade Brains. I hope you’re safe and doing great.

I’ve got amazing news to share with you. After weeks of work, a newer version of Trade Brains “Portal” is now live with updated UI and brand new features.

You can try Trade Brains Portal 2.0 here:

Three of the latest features that we have added to our portal are Advanced Screener, Portfolio Analysis, and Portfolio Backtesting (exclusively offered for Indian stocks and one of its kind). This 2.0 Portal update will now make your stock research even better and easier.

Stock Screener

As the name suggests, through our Advanced Stock Screener, you can scan and shortlist the stocks that fits your investment style by applying various parameters you choose while making an investment decision. Using our portal, you can screen winning stocks based on different filters. Apply different parameters to shortlist best ones among over 5,000 publically listed companies in India.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that, rather going through each and every share and testing the set of parameters, you can simply adjust it one time and the rest of the work will be done by our screener with the help of designed filters.

Portfolio Analysis

Tracking and analyzing your stock portfolio while investing is one one of most crucial yet complicated and time-consuming task. Don’t worry. We have done the hard work to build a smart portfolio analysis tool for you.

Trade Brains Portal’s “Portfolio Analysis” offers some of the best analysis and insights to help you easily track your stocks. Simply add the stocks and find out your portfolio performance, net profits, sectoral allocation, size allocation and more. This tool is excellent for everyday investors looking to track and understand their portfolio better in a hassle-free way.


Backtest your strategies to find out the returns that you might have got. Test how portfolios would have performed if you’ve invested in different stocks with varied allocations 5Yrs/10Yrs back, before Demonetization, amid COVID19, or any other desired time frame.

Our Advance portfolio backtesting feature allows you to build one or multiple stock portfolios based on different allocations and backtest the performance. Here, you can look into the absolute returns, CAGR, Portfolio growth, Y-O-Y or M-O-M returns in stocks on these portfolios.

My team and I are consistently working to add new features and provide as many tools and values to the investing society as possible. And for that, I would like to thank you for using our products and keeping us motivated.

Furthermore, I would like to make a final request. As we are still in the development process, if you have any feedback for the features, let me know. Will definitely work on it to improvise and make it better.

Take care and have a great day. Happy Investing!!

Warm Regards,
Kritesh Abhishek