Can I apply for ipo with 2 accounts?

I have two demat accounts. can i apply for ipo with both the accounts?


You can apply for only one IPO subscription using one PAN Card.

As both your demat accounts will be linked to your own PAN CARD, hence, the applications will be rejected.

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You can’t apply for the same IPO with your 2 different demat accounts because in demat account your Pan Number is same and when the application goes to punch they match your Pan Number so if you applied any IPO for your both demat account then your both application will be rejected.
You can apply the same IPO with your all relatives or family members account.

No, you cant apply for IPO with two accounts as it will require your PAN card for id purpose. The simple rule is one IPO, one PAN CARD, one APPLICATION.

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No, you cannot apply with 2 Demat accounts. This is because even if you have two or multiple Demat accounts, all of them are under the same name, linked by your PAN card. According to SEBI’s guidelines, an investor can only apply for an IPO through one Demat account with the same name and PAN. However, you can place upto three bids. If you try to apply through two or multiple Demat accounts in your name, all of your applications will be rejected, since the system will identify that they are linked by the same PAN. However, you can apply for an IPO through the Demat account of your family members. For that, all your family members should have a Demat account and a PAN card.
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As others have pointed out, you cannot apply for the same IPO if your provided details are the same in both accounts. Thus, you need to make sure that you provide details of some other person for the other Demat account.