Choose between Zerodha and ICICI


do you recommend: Zerodha or ICICI

why? Please help me decide

Hi. I’ve used both ICICI direct and Zerodha for trading in stocks. And whenever this question is asked, I always recommend Zerodha.

Why? Because ICICI direct is way too expensive in terms of brokerage and other charges. This is a kind of unnecessary that you’ll be paying while trading using ICICI direct. Further, the trading platform of Zerodha is also better.

You can read my complete review of Zerodha here:

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What is your take on Finvasia? I have used other discount brokers as well but so far didn’t find any broker offering so many services at zero cost like them.

I haven’t used the above 2 trading platforms, So I can’t tell which one is better. One of my friend recommended for mastertrust trading platform as they were offering some sort of offers at that time & using it since Feb 2018. I am getting support services on time & commission charges are quite low, so mastertrust works for me.

Hi All ! Speaking strictly for the purpose of short-term swing trade which one would you recommend - Zerodha or Upstox?

I’ll recommend Zerodha. Upstox is also good, however, I’ve been noticing severe network latency and app crashes. All apps have some bugs, but Zerodha is comparatively way better.

Kritesh Sir,
I would like to Open my Demat Account with Zerodha.
Sir will my account be mapped to you. As a fresher need guidance from your kind self.
Thanks and regards.
Srinivasa Rao Devulapally.

Prepaid Brokerage Plan you get discounted brokerage rates, and you save money on your exchange cost. A prepaid business plan accompanies a legitimacy of 15 years. You can use the brokerage amount until it is depleted inside the range of 15 years.

You can check the ICICI brokerage Plan more in details at Select by Finology and can even Calculate the brokerage by using ICICI brokerage calculator for free.

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So, who’s win? It looks like they are equally uncomfortable.