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I am looking for Advisory to Invest in Stock market and retirement planning . Could you please advise some good companies at affordable cost .

Hi @Vamsi_Krishna You can refer to this previously posted thread for your query!

Disclaimer: Do your own research, this is just my knowledge.

HdfcBank, Reliance, Asian Paints, HCl Technologies, and Britania is what I think would be the best set of stocks that ensure diversification in different sectors along with the hedging.
(I have attached fundamental research reports for all of them so that it might help you do your own further research.)

Hdfc Bank: Being a leader in the Banking sector, it has max market share, and huge trust, which makes it the first choice for any company, for banking needs.

Reliance: It is the company to expand successfully in any sector with the highest opportunity, with huge money being their competitive edge, and as India has such huge upcoming opportunities, Reliance would be benefiting.

Asian Paints: It is a great stock for safe players, as its growth depends on the auto, housing, chemical, paints sector. This means any increase in growth, in any of the above sectors would benefit the company.

Hcl Tech: We can’t deny the potential growth opportunities for the IT sector, and Hcl being one of the huge giants would benefit a lot from the potential growth.

Britania: It operates in one of the sectors which are least affected in any recessions, and nearly guarantees for a sloe but consistent growth.

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