Finding difficulty to read - The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham?

Hi guys,

In the past few months, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from Trade Brains’ subscribers that they are finding it challenging to read this book- The Intelligent Investor. I totally understand as the book may be a little difficult to grasp for the beginners. Moreover, it’s tough to build momentum to read such a long book (Over 600 pages). If you also in a similar situation, here a few tricks to help you get ease your reading:

  1. Watch the book summary on Youtube. Here is a good one.

  2. Try listening to the audiobook. It’s comparatively easier than reading the book. (But do not to sleep in between!)

  3. Skim through the book fast and get back to it once you have got the basic idea of the chapters.

  4. Take a challenge to read just one chapter every day.

Further, there’s also an amazing youtube channel with videos on the chapter wise summary and main concepts from the book. You can watch their videos in your free time here:

I hope it helps.