Fixed Deposit Investment in 2020

Are fixed deposits the right option to be chosen in 2020?

Banks give Savings Account and Current Account office, can however the investors of these records can pull out their cash any time of time. Current Accounts have zero balance requirements and the sum in those records can't be assessed. Banks require a steady measure of assets to give out as loans. Also, the most ideal way for them to raise these assets is by offering [Fixed Deposits](

In a Fixed Deposit, the amount of cash is impeded for the time of the store. Banks permit investors the adaptability to contribute their assets from periods as low as 7 days to 10 years. The loan fee on the store relies upon the period for which the assets are put with the bank. The investor isn’t permitted to pull out the cash before the due date.

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I think FDs are a good option, provided you know all about their drawbacks and advantages. If you are trying to save for an emergency fund and want an option that is safe and liquid then FDs are the best solution.