Good Stock trading App

What are some good stock trading app for mobile?

Try the Binomo app. It is quite convenient, and most importantly, you can always keep track of your transfers.

Depends on where you live, I’m in the US so I’m using either Robinhood or Webull.

What’s lacking on those platforms though is a good data analytics platform where I can integrate several exchanges (I’m using different ones for crypto, stocks, etc.) and that’s why I’m watching out for $BTCS own version of that.

Hope they can combine stock trading apps and crypto trading apps and not just neither one.

It seems to me that the place of residence is not very important if there is a VPN

Yes, vpn solves many problems. But the main thing is to be able to withdraw funds to the desired wallet.

Trading has gotten very easy because of mobile applications. With so many apps available it could be difficult to decide what apps to choose. A few properties of a good trading app are

  1. Easy to use
  2. Low latency
  3. Information like charts and graphs and various indicators
  4. Latest news
  5. No bugs
    Kotak Securities Market app has all the above features and many more. Kotak is among the leading stockbroker in India and provides various facilities to make trading easy. They have an excellent Stock trading app.

You are right.

E*TRADE is also the best app for stock marketing and it does not require any special location so try this.