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Hi peeps, I’m Prabhat, final year CSE student. Just started learning to invest and found this useful blog. I’m planning to invest for long-term to get best returns. Thank you!

Deep Mukherjee a Civil Engineer by Profession. I have been Investing in equity since 6 years now. I believe as long as the Fundamentals of the company are good and intact one should not or shall never be bothered about its short term volatility, rather if the share price of a good stock goes down one should add more I’m his portfolio. Let’s together learn,earn and share the knowledge.

Happy Investment :smile:

Hi i am Delan.i am a Dentist. I have a few mutual funds apart from that i dont have any experience in the market.

Hello Everyone,
I’m Mohit. Working as a Senior Manager at Tata Motors. I invest for short as well as long term position in the market. Investing for around 9 months now. Moslty invest in equities, and ElSS for tax savings. No keen interest in trading (margins) as of now. Love to study the way the money flows around the world, and the way the numbers function. Here to have and share experiences.

Hi ,
I am Shubham,3rd year CSE student, I think this blog gives us a great platform to know more about trading and investment.As nowadays peoples are very tensed about the choices and then this blog came along to help them.Kudos to the blogger.Would like to meet him personally. :smiley:

Hello Everyone
I am Jay Dave from Ahmedabad, right now I am in 4th year civil engineering, I am new to investment and I am here to learn about it.
My aim is to learn money management at the end.
I think this is a great platform for learning.

Hello Fellow investors, I am Amit from Mumbai. I am new to investing. had received trading articles from tradebrains. Found it very useful for a novice like me. I look forward for a healthy ecosystem and have a win-win situation where we all will be mutually benefitted. Happy Investing.

Welcome guys. Thank you so much for introducing yourself. With your participation, I’m confident that we can build a strong investing community here. Cheers!

Hi I m shiv …a veterinary graduate by qualification …movement of market attracts me much …hoping to know more about investing vis a vis trading via this forum

Hello Everyone
I am Saransh Sahu from Ujjain, and I am here to learn about investment and stock market.

I am Alikoya from Kerala. A novice in the investment world. I wish to learn more and to be a successful investor. According to my knowledge and belief the TRADE BRAINS is very useful learn things.

Hello people. I am Kris form Pondicherry. I’m here to learn and share things that I acquired from my 2 years experience in share market. Happy Investing :smiley:

Hello fellows, I’m KARAN from Jaipur. Nice to connect with you all.

hi i m giri i m doing MBA i m interested in stock market i m in a learning stage when i m researching about stock market i founded this blog before my recent searches i never seen blog like this i learned a lot in this blog very nice articles

Hi I’m Shweta, medical student. I started following this blog a month ago. And loved it. Trade Brains in really helpful for beginners like me. I’m here to learn more. Thank you :smile:

Hi!!!I am naring,currently pursuing B.Com …I m interested in knowing and understand about stock before I enter into investment.i found this blog quite interesting and helpful.thank u‚ò∫

Hello everyone! I’m Soniya Kapoor, pursuing MCA. Looking forward to learning more about stocks through this blog :smile:

Hi guys. I am Ahmed, a lawyer by profession. I’m here to learn stock market trading. Thank you all.

Good evening, I am Naushad, Contracts Manager