How do I file for an ITR online? Which is the most convenient way?

"Nowadays with everything taking a digital route, filing an ITR online has also become an easy task. The most convenient one I feel is using the e-tax from HDFC securities. Let me start by explaining to you what e-tax is all about.

e-tax is an online platform that helps in tax filing. You can do it yourself or take CA assistance to file your tax returns. It is simple and easy to use. It also provides tools and tips to helps you file accurate tax returns. Additionally, this happens without you missing any tax benefit you get.

They have various offerings based on your needs.
1.Basic Self e-Filing: For people who are certain about the return filing, this package is ideal.
2. CA Assisted e-Filing: In this a CA will do your tax filing with 26AS Tax Credit Checks.
3. CA Assisted with Capital Gains: In this a CA will do your tax filing with capital gains calculation.
4. ITR 4 Professional/ Self Employed: This is an exclusive tax filing package for Individual Business Owners/ Professionals.
5. NRI Tax Return: This is for Non Resident Indian, they have a dedicated NRO CA Team to e-File Income Tax Returns.
6. Annual Subscription Package: In this package you will be provided all year round tax solutions, including tax returns and tax assessment protect.

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