How to achieve 25.37% rate of annualized return in 25 years

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Want to recommend an investor’s blog (, he has been invested US stocks for 25 years with 25.37% rate of annualized return. Here is something to highlight:

  1. In the past 25 years (1996 to 2020), 25 years of rate of annualize return (IRR) is 25.37%, only 4 years of negative return. S&P 500 was 7.51% in the same period, especially year return was 73% in 2019, and 83% in 2020! If invested $1 in 1996, 25 years later, it will grow to near $300 in 2020. You could click here to (
  2. The core stock holdings in the portfolio includes Apple, Visa, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, Mastercard, Amazon, Alibaba, all have amazing returns.
  3. Successfully explored and invested in now-famous unicorn such as e-commerce powerhouse Shopify and Sea Ltd, fintech Square and PayPal in early era and hold the shares for less than 5 years, all accumulated more than 500% of investing rate of return.

A book will be available in the coming months. Welcome to visit the blog.


Kin Tunglin

That is, those companies in which you can’t really invest from your own start.

Such things do look good on paper. In reality, such returns are really tough to maintain over the years and consistency is the key here.