How to Backtest Portfolio Returns?

Hi there. I hope you’re safe and doing great.

Recently we added an exciting feature of “Portfolio Backtesting” on our stock research analysis portal. Through this thread, I want to give you a demo of how exactly you can use this feature to backtest portfolio and analyze returns.

You can try our portfolio backtesting tool here:

Using this feature, you can backtest your strategies to find out the returns that you might have got. You can test how portfolios would have performed if you’ve invested in different stocks with varied allocations 5Yrs/10Yrs back, before Demonetization, amid COVID19, or any other desired time frame.

Our Advance portfolio backtesting feature allows you to build one or multiple stock portfolios based on different allocations and backtest the performance. Here, you can look into the absolute returns, CAGR, Portfolio growth, Y-O-Y or M-O-M returns in stocks on these portfolios.

Here’s a quick demo on how you can use the Portfolio backtesting tool on Trade Brains Portal.

We have tried to keep this tool as simple as possible. Yet, if you have any questions or feedback, let me know by simply replying to this thread. Have a great day and happy investing.

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Kritesh Abhishek
Founder & CEO, Trade Brains