How to choose your stock broker?

Choosing a stock brokers is always a challnge for a beginner. Majority of time, approach to choose a broker has been a casual approach primarily based on representative of a broker approaching a prospect first or else recomended. This exercise is important and should be based on various considerations and this video explains all those criteria which needs meritorious consideration before one chooses a broker.

D K Sinha

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Nice explanation.

I use Zerodha too for stock investing and been happy with the services offered. Here’s my review of the stockbroker:

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It has been well explained. Excellent

A broker acts as a mediator between an investor and a securities exchange—the marketplace where financial assets are bought and sold. To choose a broker, you must check for:

  1. Cost and fees
  2. Fees Structure
  3. Investment style.
  4. Test the Broker’s platform.
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In the next topic @BinhAutoDat shares his experience how he found his broker.

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How did I choose my broker? I read a lot on forums, read about identifiers and then started looking at demo accounts. As a result, I chose binomo and try to improve my results from week to week.

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