how to invest in private company?

can i invest in private companies like paytm or patanjali? how to invest?

Generally, it is easier to invest in publicly traded firm that a privately held company. Public companies, generally larger ones can be easily bought and can be sold on the stock market and have superior liquidity and a quote market value. Private firms can be better managed for the long term since they are out of the wall streets reach. The productivity increases when public firms are taken private. They also create more job when these companies run efficiently and profitably. Being an owner of a private firm means sharing more directly in the underlying firm’s profits. Earnings may grow at a public firm, but they will be retained unless paid out as dividends or used to buy the stock back.

Early-stage private investing offers the most investment opportunities, but they are also the riskiest. Joining an angel investor organization or investment group may be a good idea to make the process easier and potentially spread the investment risks across a wide group of firms.

Why Invest?
Hi Everyone,
A lot of people are investing in the stock market as a preparation for retirement days. Yes, it is one primary reason why you should start getting involved in the world of trading but there are other valid reasons you might need to look at. Investing in the stock market means for most people, securing their immediate future and of course hoping that along the way, they earn a considerable amount of cash. Investing in the stock market could give you the power and means to possibly buy the home you’ve always wanted. While you do not essentially need the full money upfront, you still need the money for down payments to lower down the interest and get a good deal. With a better deal, you will pay less over the years you need to complete to pay the house in full. It also means that you will have immediate equity in your home as an additional bonus. Another good benefit of investing in the stock market is you are not only preparing your future but as well as your children’s future. Winning big in the market possibly set up scenarios in which you could send your kids to college for them to start establishing their careers and make their dreams and your dreams a reality. This is yet another long term goal but not that long compared to retirement.