How to save rs. 62,400 in taxes this financial year

Do you think that you’re paying too much tax? Have you ever thought about how you can save tax from your taxable income? We’re here to help!

As the financial year is coming to an end, every working individual has one thing in mind “how
to save taxes on my hard-earned money?” If you plan your taxes well, you have a higher chance of saving rather than paying more than you should be. Investors in a hurry or the lack of knowledge regarding investment options make hasty decisions.

Saving tax is not as difficult as it sounds, there are so many ways that you never knew could easily help you. Read along as we guide you and discuss smarter ways of saving taxes and investment in this blog.
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If any good news available for salaried persons to this financial year.

This much tax you can save if you come in the 30% tax bracket. In order to save tax, you can invest up to 1.5 lakh under sec 80c, through [ELSS funds]( Besides this, you can get an dditional tax deduction under sec 80ccd(1B) if you invest in NPS extra 50,000 Rs. This way you will save Rs 62,400 in taxes