How to start trading?

I want to start trading and earn money


If you plan to invest in the share market?. Then you can approach top share trading brokers like GWC India. They guide you on how to open a free Demat and trading account online and how to invest in the right share right time.

If you want to start trading then, follow the below steps:
• Acquire knowledge about stock market
• Open a demat and trading account with a reputed stockbroker like Kotak Securities.
• Link your bank saving account with your demat and trading account.
• Open your trading platform by using your account login credentials.
• After the successfull opening of accounts, analyses and research about stocks by examining its past performances, returns and risk association.
• Select the stock you want to trade and choose place order button on the trading platform.
• Your stock will be ordered.
• Take a copy of the order transaction with you for future references.
• Timely monitor your stock performance and use put and stop trade options.

And what is stopping you? Do you have a plan? Do you want to know tips?

Dont ever enter a trade based on an article alone, if youre reading it online its probably already too late, at least not for short term speculative plays. You really should do your own research on anything you decide to touch, and if you dont have the know how then stick to a total market fund like VT. While your money sits, try paper trading and reading too familiarize yourself with how the market works and some strategies that fit your risk tolerance. Don’t ever take advice from WSB or Facebook!

I still remember when I first buy my first stock $BTCS last year, I was very afraid to invest in crypto but I still am very interested in blockchain that’s why I ask myself how can I invest in blockchain without direct exposure to crypto and I search and study until i found this, and it didn’t disappoint me, after a year, it 5x my investment

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So true. To keep up with the events, you need to be ahead of them.

Who does that?! Thanks for the advice.

…Also from the forum guys

No, no, forum guys can be very helpful sometimes!

Start by reading books on Technical Analysis. Learn about the various chart patterns and what they mean. Backtest those patterns and strategies on a candle stock chart, and try to identify the patterns in the chart itself. Read some more books. Then start trading with a very small amount as you should do it only for learning itself and not for profit. You will undoubtedly, make some losses, be psychologically ready to deal with those. Try to preserve your capital and keep your trades to the minimum and do not trade every day. After that, you can increase your amount slowly and see how you perform. Also do not touch, derivatives for a few years or until you become very profitable in the cash segment itself.

Yes, money losses are inevitable at the beginning of the journey.

Interesting. Thanks for the advice. I don’t even really understand what it is yet.

It’s simple - you don’t know, don’t touch, try to find out and only then touch.

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Never use the services of other traders.