Intraday Nifty Bank nifty Trading Levels for Today

Today Indian Stock Market likely to open Flat. Nifty Support for Intraday today is 11300 and resistance at 11550. Bank Nifty has support at 28900 and resistance at 29400.

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BankNifty Intraday Trading Strategy: Buy BankNifty Jun Fut only above 31050 for a Target of 31150/32000 and keep your Stop Loss at 30950

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Generally, traders always finalize some strategy and try to validate the same with respect to a stock or index. But, analyzing the data first then the data will itself talk about the data and analyzing the data first will be beneficial for creating a strategy. Data analysis will give the traders some signs for serious traders who wish to build trading strategies, based on this, users can easily develop multiple trading strategies. Traders can also follow the same approach with other index or stocks for coming up with their own trading systems.

These technical levels generally updated everyday before market opens. These levels are used for trading purposes. The support and resistance can be used to exit and take an entry. The major support and resistance levels are reversal levels where the market may turnaround and hence, they can be used for entry or exit.

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