Intrinsic Value Calculators

Dear Kritesh, we could come across plenty of Intrinsic Value Calculators on net. The process adopted seems to be very logical in each case. But there is wide variation in the Intrinsic value of any given stock when arrived at through various tools available in the market. How to ascertain / take a decision in such a situation?

Forecasting the future earnings to find the estimated true value of a company is difficult and involves various factors like growth rate, discount rate, forecasted FCF, etc. Depending on the investing ideology and risk aspect, the websites may differ the calculations a little.

Moreover, there are multiple approaches for calculation and none is wrong. For example, to find the terminal value, either you can use the terminal multiple or perpetual model. The calculations will differ depending on which approach the website use.

Choose your goal, estimate the cost of goal/inflation in the cost of the goal and your expected returns to understand how much to save per month to reach the goal. Use Financial Calculator To see a different value for the result, please do change your assumptions on time, inflation rate and return. Remember that Equities generate better returns with higher volatility and can beat inflation while Fixed Income generate lower returns but inflation kills the return. For each goal, have a specific investment value and asset class in mind.