Invest in digital gold ,pros and cons of investing in physical gold as well as digital gold

what is the best way to invest in digital gold? what are the pros and cons of investing in physical gold as well as digital gold?

I prefer physical gold to be honest. In the virtual world, everything is already virtual, I prefer more stable ways of getting rich.

SGBs lookes fine to me

My investment in Gold has been in the form of a Sovereign Gold Bond. Apart from that I also own gold in physical form but I have not considered it a part of my portfolio as I do not look at it as an investment. SGBs are enough and at the same time they also provide me with interest which supplements cash to me.

yes, they say that the SGB should be enough.

Also not considering physical gold. In principle, I am opposed to the resources of the earth being luxury resources.

do you mean that the thoughtless squandering of the planet’s resources will not do anything good?

I mean that the resources that are used for the pleasure of rich ;adys and gentlemens, for the creation of jewelry, for example, as well as gold reserves that are used only to lie in the safe are not at all what I can understand.