Investing Stock in Reliance Industries

When will Reliance Industries Limited touch 2000?.Is it worth investing in Reliance Industries Limited in huge amounts when sensex goes down?.
I am talking when sensex goes down.
Please advise.

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It has almost toughed the 2k mark. If you’re planning to invest now, you are a little late to the party.


Reliance industries is a great stock. However, according to me, entering at this stage, you might have to pay a premium account. 1400-1500 level was good to enter seeing the rally and big firms pouring money into JIO.

I mean to say when Sensex gets down and it touches below 1k. Hope it will happen some time next year.
Now I have invested in the range of 1400.

Hold on this investment of your. You got a great price. below 1k after so much investment looks unlikely in near future.