Investing with AI: Is it worth it?

In the past two decades, we have seen the rise of artificial intelligence in e-commerce, manufacturing and advertisement industry. In most of these areas, AI has shown to supersede human capabilities.

However, the same is yet not tested in the financial market world. In an era where a majority of the fund managers are not able to even keep up with the index, can AI be revolutionary? Can machines learn how to beat the market, which the majority of humans are not able to learn in the last over two hundred years? What do you think?

Artificial Intelligence has become the most popular technology in this present Era. As we all know that machines has a power to perform each and every task in a professional way.
Yeah ! I can say it that AI (Artificial Intelligence ) will definitely bring a revolution in the
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According to a Bloomberg article, AI Won’t Beat the Stock Market Any Time Soon. They mentioned that it is mainly because the data keeps changing fast and there are more noise than signals:

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The AI would only be as good as the humans coding behind it. Ofcourse the speed at which the bots trade would be completely different. To me that is the big advantage when it comes to trusting the AI over humans.

I trust myself for my trades and am risk aversive to hand over control of my trading logics to be programmed and for them to go out :slight_smile: there is that danger too.

That’s true. Many traders are not comfortable handing over the complete control of their account to an automated system.