i m new to stock market i m gng to invest my money in andhra bank according to my knowledge i seen its techinical chart it is in loss stage but i hope in future the share price will be increase is it possible

Hi Giriprasad. I’m generally, not involved in the technical analysis. So, won’t be able to help you out it that.

As far as fundamentals are concerned, Andhra bank’s fundamentals are not very strong. Their EPS and net profit have declined a lot in last few years. Here’s their income statement:

In addition, their gross NPA (non-performing asset) has increased to over 12%, which is really a big point of concern for companies in the banking sector. Have a look here:

Source: Moneycontrol

In short, Andhra Bank is fundamentally not strong.

thank u fr u r help brother and how to learn the fundamental analysis and how to identify the company is strong in fumdamentaly can u explain how to measure

Investing is the act of committing money or capital to an endeavor, with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit. Investing also can include the amount of time you put into the study of a prospective company.The income that results from investing can come in many forms, including financial profit, interest earnings, or the appreciation of the asset. Investing refers to long-term commitment, as opposed to trading or speculating, which are short-term and often deal with heavy turnover

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