Is there any platform that can help me make wise trading decisions?

Yes, there is one platform called Pro Terminal by HDFC securities. I have been using it lately and it sure does help a lot. It offers you an in-depth analysis of the market. It is basically a platform for researchers, traders, and analysts, to know past, present, and future of the market. It has a state-of-the-art system designed for performance, reliability, and accuracy, gathers data from thousands of sources all over the world and presents ready-to-use and real-time information to the users.
The technology is such that it gathers related news articles, using advanced techniques and mathematical algorithms – helping you make accurate market decisions.
Also, since they provide you a full fledge detailed report in real time, they charge you for this service. And frankly, in my opinion, it is surely worth the money.
Check out this link for more information on pro terminal-

Increase your odds and to identify trades that lead to smoother development, only trade into the direction of the higher time frame. Multiple time frame analysis should be at the core of every trading strategy. Before you start your trading day, move up one or two time frames and see where you are in the overall picture. Only when the “stars “ are aligned should you initiate a trade.

Trading itself involves a lot of risk and knowledge. The volatility of the stock market is known to everyone. So, a trustworthy and efficient trading partner might actually guide you to make the right decision. I am able to say all this because I have one such trusted and wise trading partner to guide me through all my trading decisions, which ultimately turned out to be profitable. I have been associated with mastertrust for quite some time now, and I am delighted and satisfied with them.