Mutual fund SIP portfolio analysis


I have started SIP from the year 2014 and have invested in the below funds Please suggest me whether these funds can be continued if yes which of these best funds can i increase the sip amount. I there needs a portfolio restructuring what would be the best funds to replace. i will be investing for another 12 years of time.

The below investment are for only long term savings and for any particular usage.

All are 2000 Rs each monthly

Tata Hybrid Equity Fund - 2000
Tata Large & Mid Cap Fund -2000
ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - 2000
L&T Midcap Fund - 4000
Axis Long Term Equity Fund - 2000
DSP Blackrock tax saver fund - 2000
Icici Prudential Blue chip -3000 (started 10 days back, replacing the Tata Large & Mid Cap Fund)

Please let me know whether the portfolio is good or needs a change.

Your portfolio looks strong. You can review the funds yourself on moneycontrol portal. look at the holdings, returns, performance, fund manager etc. Kristesh has written a blog on how to pick mutual funds which you can also read for reference -

Why don’t you consider HDFC Mutual Fund in your portfolio? There are so many good products of HDFC Mutual Fund online. I think you will get a good product for investment.