Questions About Stock Market Investing for Absolute Beginners (Part 1)

In this video, we’ll learn the basics of stock market investing by answering the most common questions related to stock market investing for beginners.

What we discussed in this video?

  • What Is The Stock Market?
  • Why do stock prices move?
  • Do companies get the money we use to buy shares?
  • Why can people buy Tata Shares but not Ola?
  • What are the market timings?
  • Difference betweeen company, stock and share
  • Can I enter the company HQ if I own the shares?
  • Why is the price different on NSE and BSE?
  • What is trading and investing?
  • Is the stock market owned by the government?
  • What is SENSEX and NIFTY?
  • Why are there bulls outside the stock exchange?

Learn about Stock Market & Finance:

Thank you for making video on these points. It is also recommended to read up on as many resources as available so that one get educational about markets. In fact many of the top stock brokers have a blog section which educate new and old investors alike.