Some good news on stocks

Over 50,000 people came back to Ukraine by train within a month

Asian markets sharply lower; Nikkei down 2.8%, Hang Seng down 3%, Kospi down 2.8%, Australia down 1.2%, China down 1%

Commodities: Crude fell 1.5%, Iron Ore down 2%, Natura Gas down 2%, Palm Oil down 5%, Sugar down 2%, Tin down 4%, Nickel down 2.7%, Aluminium down 3%, Lead down 2.5%

Wednesday: US Fed decision
Wednesday: IPL media rights decision
Thursday: BoE meeting
Friday: BoJ meeting

Such news do bring in hope and happiness. One cannot be sure as to when and how this war will stop, but lest hope that any form of collateral damage is to kept to the minimum.