Stock buying selection

I have some clarifications on buying my first share.I am refering below link

1)The last trade price for Infosys was Rs.1014.75.I am not sure where to get that information.I verified all the images.could u please highlight last traded price in some color or where to get that information?

2)Is Zerodha will consider best ask price irrespective of the order type(Limit or market)?
If not how to select the best ask price to buy some shares?

  1. I am in dilemma to select a Limit or market order. Below are my thoughts.I need your inputs on this.

market order:-
It is straight forward and it is clear

Limit order:-
statement: Always buying price, should be Rs.1.25 lesser than the last traded price is a great idea.

Hi. I always prefer using Limit price to place my order. It reduces the volatility of purchase price error.

As you said, a market order is pretty straight forward to understand. However, your limit order logic is not entirely correct. For example, when you are purchasing a stock of Rs 100 vs buying stock with a current share price of Rs 2500, the same logic of placing a limit order of Rs.1.25 lesser would not be very effective. You have to look into volatility in terms of percentage before placing the order.

Could u please reply for this one