Stock market apps for daily news

What Android apps do you have on your phone for the daily market news and updates? And which one is your favorite? (Mine is Stockedge! :wink: )

Great question @ankitachauhan!!

There was a time when I had 10-12 stock market apps on my phone. However, I eventually got fed up with the notifications and uninstalled most of them. Three of my favourite apps which I actively use to get stock market updates are Moneycontrol, StockEdge and Economic times Market.

Btw, I’ve written a detailed post on 7 of my favourite stock market apps that you can find here:

Happy Investing. Cheers!

Moneycontrol – Best app for the stock market updates

Hi @ankitachauhan We recently launched our new feature ‘Market 360’ where you can read all the latest news and headlines from major financial websites in India.

You can check out the platform here as I’m sure it will be helpful for your above query:


I am using money control app for getting daily market news.