The fastest crash ever 2020

It took just one month for Sensex to fall over 30% in Feb-Mar 2020, making it the fastest market crash, even worst than 2008 one.


Even, the US market index, Dow Jones has crashed at an alert pace in 2020. If we compare the speed, the Great Recession, the most popular recession in the 1920s in the US saw the markets fall by 49% over a period of 16 months. In comparison, the Dow has fallen by about 28% over the Coronavirus crisis between February 11 and March 12, 2020.


The market is expected to go further down as long as the coronavirus outbreak continues the day-to-day activities of corporates and individuals.


What is the status about USA, Europe, and Chines share market? Because COVID 19 impact more these countries compare with India.

Global markets are doing pretty bad too