Thinking About Market’s Biggest Ever Fall in Absolute Terms

Let us tell you, since 1st Jan 2000, there have been 26 times,
where Nifty had fallen by more than 5% in a single day and 24 times,
where Nifty had risen by 5%. Amazed?
We have tried to calculate the number of times the market fell/rose by more than 5% or 10% over a period of 2/5/10 trading days. (E.g.: In the given table it can be seen that there have been 89 times Nifty has fallen by 5% over a period of 2 trading days)

But when we saw the today’s fall and statistics, 2 questions arose:
1) How much time the market takes to recover the fall?
So, if a market has fallen by more than 5% on any particular trading day (X), it has taken on an average 75 days to come at the closing price of (X-1).
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Indeed! This is the fastest crash ever. #Sensex crashed over -30% within a month.

(Source: Bloomberg Quint)