Trade smart online - Discount broker review

Trade smart online is a Mumbai, India based discount broker good for traders and investors looking for low brokerages, high margins, and a fast trading platform. It is a part +25 years old VNS Finance & Capital Limited, which is a traditional broker in India. It has over 50,000+ happy customers, averaging a daily turnover of over Rs. 5000 crores

Services offered: Trade smart online offers brokerage services in stock, futures & options, commodity, and currency trading segments.

Trade Smart Online Brokerage charges:

This discount broker offers a flat brokerage of Rs 15 per trade irrespective of the trading volume in its ‘Value’ trading plan.

Further, it also proposes a ‘Power’ trading plan with a brokerage of 0.007% on the transaction, which is suitable for the small volume traders. Here are the brokerage charges for delivery and intraday trading:

  • Delivery: Rs 15 per trade (Power plan) or 0.07% (value plan)
  • Intraday Trading: Rs 15 Per trade (Power plan) or 0.007% (Value Plan)

Trade Smart Online Demat And Trading account opening Charges:

  • Account opening charges: Rs 400
  • Annual Maintenance charges: Rs 300 (Second year onwards)

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Trading Platform: NEST Trader, SINE(Mobile App), SineWeb

Pros of Trade Smart Online:

  • Low and Unique Brokerage Plans,
  • Higher margin for trades,
  • Zero additional software charges,
  • Zero Demat AMC charge for the first year,

Cons of Trade Smart Online:

  • 3-in-1 not available,
  • No direct IPO Investment,
  • Call and trade at Rs 20 per executed trade (plus brokerage)

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