Ways to redeem sip


Can you share ways in which to redeem a sip. Is it recommended to redeem or switch in a systematic manner?

Currently holding a sip in a small cap fund. Would like to prepare for the best way to redeem them after 5-6years.


There are several ways to redeem mutual fund units:

  1. Redemption through AMC:
    If you purchase any mutual fund units directly through mutual fund house, then firstly you are required to sign in the portal using ID and password. After login, you can easily perform buying units and redeem existing funds.

  2. Redemption through Online portals:
    Aside from buying mutual funds, you can also buy mutual fund through online fund portal.

  3. Redemption through Agent

  4. Redemption through Demat Account
    If mutual fund have been brought through one’s own Demat account, then the redemption will take place in the same manner.

  5. Redemption through CAMS

Hi Madhu. SIPs redemption is a simple process. If you’re investing in SIPs online through mutual fund investment apps like GROWW, ET Money, Scripbox etc, you can find this option in the app itself. Even if you’ve invested through your demat account, it is simple to login and redeem your SIPs.

In addition, central service providers like CAMS (Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.), Karvy, etc. offer the option of redeeming mutual fund bought from several AMCs.

Here’s a good article to know more on this topic: https://www.paisabazaar.com/mutual-funds/how-to-redeem-fund-units/

Let me know if you still have queries on the same.

Hi Kritesh.
Thanks for this information. Very informative article from paisabazaar. Thanks!

hi. Thanks for your answer. this is very helpful.