What are some basic share market tips for newbie investors?

Hello. I recently entered the share market and found out that most people are not able to make profits from the stock market. Can you give some basic tips for new investors that can help them to succeed??

New to the stock market? Here are few tips for the newbies:

Do’s for the beginners:

  • Start small
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Do a proper study/analysis of stocks before investing
  • Know what to expect from the market (have realistic goals)
  • Invest continuously and regularly increase your investment amount
  • Have discipline and follow your strategy
  • Ignore beginner‚Äôs luck (In case you made few bucks initially totally by chance)
  • Read books and continue your education

Dont’s for the beginners:

  • Never invest based on free tips or recommendations
  • Avoid blindly following the crowd (herd mentality)
  • Avoid frequent trades
  • Do not under-diversify (too-few) or over-diversify (too-many) your portfolio
  • Ignore short-term market fluctuations.

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I hope it helps. #HappyInvesting

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You need to study the theory of the stock market first, and only then proceed to practice.