What is Power SIP & How does it work?

Power SIP dynamically shifts the SIP investment value to Equity & Debt every month. It uses the Market Cap to GDP valuation model to determine Equity-Debt allocation every month. Power SIP invests higher into the equity funds when markets correct or turn cheap and invests less into equity funds when markets turn expensive (by temporarily parking the allocation in debt).

What brings more Power to this SIP is its unique feature of shifting the debt allocation to equity during times of extreme cheap valuation in the Equity Market.

In fact, the monthly equity investments can go up to 300% of SIP value during inexpensive markets, by shifting excess money required from debt to equity. Mutual Funds

Read the 3 things first:

  1. A new feature is recently added to SIP i.e Power S.I.P. which allow you to get the full benefits of investment in mutual funds.
  2. Power SIP allows you to connect your mutual fund SIP investment directly to the market fall.
  3. Power SIP enables you to buy more units for same SIP investment in Power SIP

It is a well known fact that Mutual fund is one of the popular investment tools which is dearer to any class of investors.

As we all know that power of diversity, Fund management, Cost effectiveness, lower purchase price are the important features of a mutual fund, an addition of new feature called Power SIP makes mutual fund more amicable to to the smart investors.

In simple SIP, investors are allowed to purchase units on the specific date of a month or lets say a pre determined date, irrespective of the fact that market is going upward or downward.

Power SIP, on the other hand, enables investors to invest a amount at a pre-determined market fall. In other words, this SIP where the installment or purchase is not fixed to a specific date.
But, it is linked with downward market trend and the purchase of units happened on the following day accordingly.

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