What Stock Advisory App do Day-traders Use?

Day-trading or intraday trading is a type of stock trading where traders buy or sell securities in a day. A trader who day trade stocks don’t care about value creation but the short-term volatility that helps him in making profits from the increase or decrease in value of a stock. In doing so, they have to exit their position before the closing of the market.

This segment of trading is helping many traders to generate high-returns in an extremely short period of time but it has a downside of being stuck to the computer screen for hours. Especially, for the novice investors who had to perform the technical analysis and read charts before entering a trade. It is a difficult task for entry-level investors to do everything on their own. In this busy world, it is nearly impossible for day-traders to do stock analysis, perform technical analysis and monitor market trend to day-trade.

To ease the intraday-trading, a web-&Android-based platform Advisorymandi has built a stock advisory app that can help day-traders to make quick & smart decisions without missing the potential volatility. The Advisorymandi stock market app has 260+ SEBI-reg. research analysts on it which made it the biggest data bank of SEBI-reg. analysts. While using this app, the day-traders can simply enter or exit the trade on the basis of experts’ recommendations.

Good news is, as a day-trader, you won’t be forced to take the recommendation of a few selected advisors or researchers like on discount broking platforms. Here, you can compare, choose, and decide the analysts based on their past performances, reviews, accuracy, and ratings that make it easy to trade and make smart trading decisions.

The Advisorymandi app also has a lot of other features that one can check out by downloading this app from your Android or iOS Smartphone.