What USP should I have to stand out as a no.1 stock broker

What USP should I have to stand out as a no.1 stock broker

Toss high. Have you become the #2 broker yet?

If you need a [profession as a Stockbroker](https://www.indiainfoline.com/business-partners/how-to-become-sub-broker.html), there is one essential perspective: have a skill for thinking and reacting quickly and be versatile in a steadily evolving climate. Always get the authorized knowledge about the particular stock as a stockbroker, the capabilities needed to turn into a stockbroker, different Certification courses for stockbrokers and top Institutes giving the stockbroking courses, and so on If you have the stuff to fight the ascent and fall of the securities exchange and you are sure of satisfying the needs of this difficult workplace prompting understanding the economy and a decent capacity to do the math, then, at that point you are in for an incredible vocation.

You also need to focus on stock news and speeches from bankers and entrepreneurs. Guess the time and try to predict what the market reaction will be.

I think that affordable or ultra low cost fixed brokerage models will work best when you are trying to be the no.1 stock broker in the country. At the same time if you can provide a stable mobile app which has good UI then I think you are golden.

Yeap, good UI is major challenge for novadays