Which industries do you think will outperform during COVID-19 storm?

The coronavirus outbreak has not bitten all the industries equally. Here are a few industries that we believe will outperform during COVID19 outbreak:

  1. Pharma Industry
  2. Information Technology (IT) Industry
  3. Telecommunication Industry
  4. E-commerce Sector
  5. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  6. Paint Industry
  7. BFSI Sector
  8. Online Streaming, Gaming and EduTech
  9. Home Fitness

Detailed study: 9 Best Performing Industries During COVID-19 Outbreak

What do you think? Which industries/sectors will become more profitable during or after the coronavirus crisis?

Companies working to enhance cyber security will see a boost during the COVID-19 environment. Particularly because of changes in the way the world is forced to work i.e. from homes. This involves employees in sectors who deal in sensitive information are forced to work from home. And this just increases the risk from the employers POV. This calls for enhanced cyber security. However this would not only be limited to those dealing with sensitive information and Zoom could be the best example when it comes to that!

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