Which is the best app for trading on the go?

There are various apps available in the market using which you can start trading. Every app has some or the other benefits. But the one which stands out for me is HDFC securities Mobile Trading App. Using this app you can trade conveniently on the go. Stay on top of the stock market, trade in shares and derivatives, create multiple personalized market watch and also invest in Mutual Funds & do DIYSIP in shares & ETF in couple of minutes.
Here are some features that make the app one of the best in the market.
-Live Market Data: Never miss whats up & whats down, stay updated with live data.
-Exhaustive Portfolio: You can now track all your investments with exhaustive portfolio on the go.
-Ease of trade: You can place your trade in just a few clicks on the go.
-Quick apply in IPO: Apply in IPO in just 3 clicks from anywhere.
-Timely Notifications: With their timely notification you will never miss earning opportunity.
-Live market news: Stay updated with live market news wherever you go.
-Interactive demos: With this you can access all interactive demos and sharpen your market knowledge.
-Daily research calls: Receive best in market equity, derivative & currency calls.

You can download the app from this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snapwork.hdfcsec&hl=en_IN

There are many stock broker companies in India. But India’s leading financial services provider. In 1944, Mr. Prabhudas Lilladher Sheth registered stock and share broking company in India. PL has evolved from a standalone brokerage firm to a one-stop shop to companies for all financial services. NEW MOBILE APP FROM PRABHUDAS LILLADHER - Track your portfolio and trade on the go! Get expert stock recommendations from PL‚Äôs award-winning research team. comprehensive multi-asset view of your portfolio through our powerful Dashboard, at a glance! Use powerful features like scanners and analytics to zero down on the perfect trades

I have used many apps related to the stock market, but FrontPage - Indian Share Market app is simply great. It’s a platform where all the traders and experts discuss stocks. It would be a perfect place to post your queries, trading views and interact with fellow traders in real time.

Also, FrontPage app has this amazing feature, where you have unified stock-based information in one place. For example, if you are interested only in a particular stock(TCS), you can join the specific community(TCS Community) and discuss the particular stock.

I would definitely recommend this app for everyone, beginner to pro!

You can download the FrontPage app by clicking here (Both iOS and Android apps available).

In a lot of ways a Country’s “Stock Market” is the economy. We, the people constitute the country and it’s only fair we help run it efficiently. As a Trader myself I can feel that this sentiment has inspired Jiffy. I would recommend Jiffy for everyone who wants to be a part of this Country-Building exercise. Jiffy is fast as traders have to be quick with a clean, intuitive and beautiful UI. Jiffy also understands the Trading lingo, full of terms like Long, Short, Flat, Spread, Slippage, High and Low. Jiffy trading app is smooth, crisp, operates in minimal bandwidth and is super fast.

Core Features include:-

  • Consolidated Scrip Overview
  • Clean and Simple UI
  • Customizable WatchList
  • Quick Order Placement
  • Price Alerts
  • Holdings Alerts

With a Free Paperless Demat Account. Home runs with Bull Runs. All of this for Free.

5 Paisa mobile allows single click order placement. The app lets you access 5 Paisa re a number of search & advisory products. You can invest directly in mutual funds, buy digital gold, insurance and take personal loans from the app itself.

I have recently tried mastermobile trading app, its quite working amazing for me. Mastermobile allows people to analyze and trade financial instruments in different exchanges. View real-time market data, analyze market and instruments with easy-to-follow tools, place orders with a few taps, and evaluate your portfolio and useful stats. Try this software, I am sure you going to like it.

Kotak Stock Trading App developed by Kotak Securities is the best trading app on the go. Some of the Features of Kotak Stock Trader App are listed below:
• It is suitable for all traders and investor who want to invest in the financial instruments like mutual funds, stocks, equity, binds, currency, IPOs, F&O, commodities and other derivatives.
• Instant account opening process.
• Easy order stock order placing process and order modification feature.
• Buying and selling of stocks on BSE and NSE is very flexible.
• Easy stock monitors facility for reviewing and managing your investment portfolio.
• Live stock market news, quotes, and reports are given to the users which helps them for taking a good investment decision.
• You can create your own stock watch list.
• Easy funds transfer process form saving account to trading account.
• Easy checking of margin funds facility.
• Expert guidance is provided regularly for stock information.
• Interactive graphics and analytical tools like charts and graphs are entitled.
• Multi-level security for the trades.
• 24*7 customer care support.

Stock trading is a time-dependent activity. With volatility inherent to stock markets and huge trading volumes causing stock prices to change drastically within minutes, the need to be connected with the market to enter or exit positions is higher than ever before.

This has become simpler with mobile-based trading apps since you no longer need to be glued to your computer screen during market hours. Instead, you can look at the markets from wherever you are and manage your trades efficiently.

There are numerous trading apps available to investors. After considerable research and comparing apps, I downloaded the Motilal Oswal stock trading app. The range of features and benefits offered by the MO Trader app was exactly what I was looking for.

Here is a quick look:

• Over 19 technical screeners to help you identify trading opportunities
• Instant access to the latest news and economic events
• Access to real-time trading reports
• Create up to 10 positions across segments on one screen
• Real-time overall margin updates
• One-click squaring off of open positions
• Price Alerts and many more.

As a regular trader, I needed an app that helped me trade on the go without compromising the information I had access to while trading from my office using a computer. With the MO Trader app, I found everything I needed, plus more.

I love the Binomo app. It has a convenient system of indicators, a demo account is perfectly implemented and there are also guides on how to use the application.

Zerodha and many other discount brokers have their mobile apps which work well enough. Most of the time these do work but you can also try some other online stock trading apps or websites of full-service brokers as they also provide tips, suggestions and analysis.

The Kotak Stock Trading App, created by Kotak Securities, is the premier mobile trading app for trading on the do. The following are some of the features of the Kotak Stock Trader App:
• All traders and investors who desire to invest in financial instruments such as mutual funds, stocks, equity, bonds, currency, IPOs, F&O, commodities, and other derivatives will find it useful.
• The procedure of creating a new account is quick and easy.
• Ordering stock is simple, and you can change your order at any time.
• Stocks on the BSE and NSE can be bought and sold in a variety of ways.
• Stock monitors make it simple to evaluate and manage your investing portfolio.
• Users can get real-time stock market news, quotes, and reports, which can help them make better investing decisions.
• You have the option of creating your own stock watch list.
• Simple funds transfer from a savings account to a trading account, as well as easy checking of margin funds.
• Expert advice on stock information is offered on a regular basis.
• Charts and graphs, as well as interactive graphics and analytical tools, are permitted.
• Trades have multiple levels of security.
• Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.