Who is the most successful day trader?

I already know Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala etc… but they are long-term investors. Who made the most money by day trading in the world and India?

According to Investopedia, three of the best traders alive in the world are:

Paul Tudor Jones (1954-Present)
The founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, a $12 billion hedge fund, Paul Tudor Jones made his fortune shorting the 1987 stock market crash. Jones was able to predict the multiplying effect that portfolio insurance would have on a bear market.

George Soros (1930-Present)
George Soros is arguably the most well-known trader in the history of the business, known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” In 1992, Soros made roughly $1 billion in a bet that the British pound would depreciate in value. At the time, the pound had been introduced into the European ERM rate - an exchange rate mechanism designed to keep its listed currencies within a set of defined parameters to increase systemic financial stability.

John Paulson (1955-Present)
Praised by some for executing the “greatest trade ever,” John Paulson made his fortune in 2007 by shorting the real estate market by way of the collateralized-debt obligation market.

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According to Investopedia , There are several famous day traders which are as follow -

Jesse Livermore:- Jesse Lauriston Livermore (1877–1940) was an American trader famous for both colossal gains and losses in the market. He successfully shorted the 1929 market crash, building his fortune to $100 million. However, by 1934 he had lost his money and tragically took his own life in 1940.

William Delbert Gann:- WD Gann (1878–1955) was a trader who used market forecasting methods based on geometry, astrology, and ancient mathematics. His mysterious technical tools include Gann angles and the Square of 9. As well as trading, Gann wrote a number of books and courses.

George Soros:-Hungarian-born George Soros (born 1930) is the chairman of Soros Fund Management, one of the most successful firms in the history of the hedge fund industry. He earned the moniker “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” in 1992 after his short sale of $10 billion worth of pounds, yielding a tidy $1 billion profit.

Jim Rogers:- James Rogers, Jr. (born 1942) is the Chairman of Rogers Holdings. He co-founded the Quantum Fund along with George Soros in the early 1970s, which gained a staggering 4200% over 10 years. Rogers is renowned for his correct bullish call on commodities in the 1990’s and also for his books detailing his adventurous world travels.

Richard Dennis:- Richard J. Dennis (born 1949) made his mark in the trading world as a highly successful Chicago-based commodities trader. He reportedly acquired a $200 million fortune over ten years from his speculating. Along with partner William Eckhardt, Dennis was co-creator of the mythical Turtle Tradingexperiment.

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