Why should you open a Demat account with Swastika?

As you all know, online Demat account allow you to hold a variety of securities at one place.

  1. Shares or stocks
  2. Initial public offering (IPO)
  3. Government Bonds
  4. Mutual Funds
  5. Non convertible debentures (NCD)

Here are the benefits of opening demat account with Swastika
Some other crucial benefits are:

Easy accessibility

Easy dematerialization

Ease of operation

Mitigate of risks

Saves stamp duty

Easy money on liquidation of shares

It becomes important for every Indian to open demat account. With Swastika’s demat account, you can start your journey towards wealth capital by investing in equities, commodity, mutual funds.

Open demat account with Swastika for hassle free stock trading.

But I don’t open it!